Paintmaking Workshop


I am holding a paintmaking workshop on Saturday 23rd June.  If you are interested please book at the gallery to reserve a place.

We are also holding two other workshops to accompany the exhibition LOCALity now on show at Arts in Oxford, North Canterbury.

Locality workshops square

Paintmaking in the Gallery

As part of our group exhibition, Accumulative, I will be in the Arts in Oxford Gallery this Sunday 23 October from 10.30 am until 4 pm making paint from rock from the Canterbury area and further afield.

Hope to see you there!


Canterbury Pigments

I’ve been working with my pigment rock collection lately.  Re-testing and recording to replace the work I did in Textbook 2 which was lost (i.e., stolen…).  The rocks and earths of the Canterbury Plains produce these colours that are presently on show in “View and Do” at the Arts in Oxford gallery.  All the artists taking part in the exhibition are holding workshops.  The workshops are varied – watercolour painting, abstract design, ceramics, box making and paint making.  Volcanic and sedimentary rocks, chalk and lime are gathered here to make twelve separate watercolour paintings, all 50 x 95 mm on black paper.  Details of the location of the pigments in each painting are  listed below.  The details are in the same order as the paintings:

Canterbury Rock Pigments web

view and Do Portrait

Colours of Chance

While in Dundee, Scotland, last year, we visited RRS Discovery, Robert Falcon Scott’s ship that sailed down to the Antarctic for the British Antarctic Expedition in 1901.  Discovery is now moored at the Discovery Museum on the River Tay.   Ernest Shackleton was also on this voyage and it was his first visit to the ice.  More information on the museum’s website:

If you are in Dundee, it is well worth a visit!

DSC_0168 DSC_0171 DSC_0174

The ship was a great place for artists, and a few things caught my (pigment seeking) eye, especially these black marks which are marks left by coal on the canvas shute as the coal was being loaded onto the ship.




This ship has been restored, and they left a portion as it looked before this work was carried out.


More stains and rust.



Natural pigments for an art practice

My (current) interest circles around the earth and organic pigments of the North Canterbury region of the South Island of New Zealand.

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