Paint making workshops and demonstrations 2020/2021

Catching up a little, I seem to have neglected my website…

I was very pleased to be able to hold a paint making workshop at Christchurch’s art gallery on 26 October 2020. It was very enjoyable and the eighteen attendees made lots of paint to take home. Unfortunately I took no photos of this workshop (too busy to remember!) but, for the record, here is the announcement by the Christchurch Art Gallery from their website. However, below is one of the test sheets of paint that I made during the workshop.

Makers’ Day at Arts in Oxford Gallery

After “Open House”, at Arts in Oxford Gallery, we had a Makers’ Day on Sunday 27 September, 2020. There was a wide choice: Areta – Stone Tools; Jo – Printmaking; Celia – Pigment paint; Charlotte – Painting; Bret – Spatial Design; Young-Oak and Team – Spinners and Weavers; Katie – Collage; Casey, June, Alison, Tessa – Papermaking; Lynley – Stained Glass.

As you can see from the photo, Philip Trusttum’s exhibition “What have we got here?” was current at the time, and he was at the gallery that day. Here, at the start of Makers’ Day, he is in conversation with me about the muller paint prints in one of my record books.

Photo credit: Arts in Oxford Gallery