Braided River Rock

While not much appearing on this blog for a while, I have none the less been very busy. It’s either Housework and no art, or Art and no housework! I have had a few surges of paint making, and been learning about gouache paint, done some eco prints on paper with autumn leaves etc, made quite a few books.

As a member of the paper making group at the local art gallery, we have been busy making paper with vegetation from the local braided river, Waiaraki/Eyre. Every month we make pulp and paper from a different invasive weed – fennel, spurrey, viper’s bugloss, evening primrose, mullein and yarrow. As the seasons unfold we manage to get quite a collection of different colours and weights of paper.

I just love walking the rivers, but it’s a great pity that the wild life, especially the birds, are under great pressure from the thoughtless and dangerous incursions of some people, on foot with dogs, or in vehicles. The rivers are used as rubbish and garden waste dumping grounds.

Waiaraki/Eyre River rock

This rock will be going back to the river… Many thanks to my friend June who gave it to me.