Hapa-zome on paper

Hapa-zome  is a Japanese word meaning ‘leaf dye’ and was given to a technique for transferring plant image and colour on to fabric by beating the colour into the material by India Flint (as mentioned in Eco Colour).  Here I have tried it directly into my workbook (acid free 110 gsm cartridge paper).  The plant juices managed to go right through three pages of the workbook, the first page being the one receiving the hammer hits, while this page shown below being the one in the middle and where I laid the flowers and leaves  – you cover the plant with a card or paper while beating.  It’s quite a violent process, I thought; I did not really enjoy it – but there was a hot nor’wester wind blowing that day.  The reds turned to a purple after a while.  The pansy flower is the most successful print with mostly true colour.  The red begonia flower and leaves were bursting with colour, but that turned to purple, pink and blue eventually, the green leaf juice remaining green.  A great exercise, with instant results!  Definitely worth persevering with.

Hapa-zome workbook page